Measuring the effects of a nuclear blast in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

What would happen if a nuclear blast went off in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria?

Anti-nuclear war campaigners,, have produced a simulation system that allows you to choose any town or place to see what the immediate effects would likely be were they unlucky enough to be hit by a nuclear strike.

Though this is at first a little shocking, it is designed to make you think, more locally, about how terrible these weapons really are.  In the face of the current situation in Ukraine, with posturing from both sides suggesting that nuclear weapons could be a factor, are continuing with their longstanding work to try to prevent any such possibility from ever occurring, through education and information.

The organisation, set up to educate the public on the dangers of nuclear war, offers insight into the numbers likely to die and get injured in such a blast, and allows the user to not only choose the target, but also compare different sized weapons, but in a ground strike, and air burst scenario, asking “What would happen if a nuclear weapon went off in my backyard?”

Their focus is to end the threat of nuclear war and reverse the course of global climate change. envision a world where people live without fear of nuclear annihilation or climate-induced catastrophe. “We can” they say “make the world safer and more secure if we work together.”

Outrider uses digital media to provide accessible information about how we can build a brighter future together. Everything they do is designed to help build deeper understanding and to inspire action.

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