The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 26-28 January 2024

It’s the last weekend of January and it is going to be a warm one with a touch of calima in the air. The 2024 Carnival season on Gran Canaria has officially started in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. During the next few months, the festivities are celebrated in different municipalities. The two main Almond blossom festivities are celebrated over the two upcoming weekends, first in Valsequillo this weekend and then in Tejeda.

This weekend offers carnival events in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as well as some neigbourhood Carnival festivities in Mogán, specifically in Playa de Mogán, Veneguera and Barranquillo Andrés. A chance to celebrate nature and culture with the Almond Blossom Festival in Valsequillo. There is also a Romería, a pilgrimage offering to experience in Ingenio as they celebrate Patron Saint festivities of Candelaria and Blas.

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Upcoming events:
2-24 February • Gáldar Carnival 🎭
2-26 February • Agüimes Carnival 🎭
3-4 February • Tejeda Almond Blossom Festival 🌸
8-18 February • Ingenio Carnival
13 February-10 March • Arucas Carnival
22-25 February •Mogán Carnival, Arguineguín
24 February-9 March • La Aldea de San Nicolás Carnival
29 February-10 March • Santa Lucía Carnival
1-3 March • Teror Carnival
7-17 March • Maspalomas International Carnival
9-10 March • European Cheese Fair in Santa Maria de Guía 🧀
8-20 April • Jazz Festival Puerto de Mogán – Richard Leach Jazz Band
19-21 July • Maspalomas Soul Festival 

Upcoming bank holidays:
Friday 2 February  • Local bank holiday in Ingenio: Our Lady of Candelaria
Tuesday 13 February • Local bank holiday in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santa Brígida, Valleseco, Teror, Tejeda, Moya, Arucas, Firgas
Shrove Tuesday – Martes de Carnaval
Thursday 15 February • Local bank holiday in Agüimes: Carnival Thursday –  Jueves de Carnaval
Local bank holiday in Ingenio: Thursday after Ash Wednesday/Jueves posterior al miércoles de ceniza
Tuesday 19 March •  Local bank holiday in Santa María de Guía: Festividad de San José
Thursday 28 March •  Public Holiday in The Canary Islands – Holy Thursday/Jueves Santo
Friday 29 March •  Public Holiday in Spain – Holy Friday/Viernes Santo

Find more events and festivities at The Canary Guide calendar 


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Interesting warm weekend weather is ahead on Gran Canaria. With gentle calima still affecting the temperatures, the highs will be reaching up towards 27ºC (in the shade) in the coastal areas during the daytime, and around 22-23ºC even in Tejeda, up in the mountains. The weekend is accompanied by some occasional strong winds but nothing like experienced on Tuesday and Wednesday. All in all… Calima, joined by Carnival is in the air.

Friday: Cloudy intervals of medium clouds. Calima will be more significant on the southern and eastern slopes, where there is a warning in force. Temperatures without changes or slightly rising in the north. Moderate easterly wind on coasts, occasionally strong on northern and southern coasts. In the midlands and high areas, strong wind from the southeast, with probable locally very strong gusts on western and southern slopes, as well as on peaks, mainly in the morning when there is a warning in force.​

Saturday: Little cloudy or clear with intervals of high clouds in the afternoon. Calima that will be more significant on the southern and eastern slopes, where there is a warning in force. Temperatures with few changes, except for slight increases in maximum temperatures on the northeast slope. Moderate southeast wind with strong intervals on northeast and west slopes. Subsiding at the end of the day and turning south on summits.

Sunday: Predominance of slightly cloudy or clear skies. Calima. Temperatures without changes or slightly rising. Light wind from the east in the eastern islands, turning south in the afternoon. On summits moderate wind with strong intervals from the south-southwest.

The Canary Guide


The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will experience a special edition in 2024: it returns to its origins. The La Isleta neighbourhood, with a look to the past and seeking to recover the essence of Carnival, experiencing the party in the streets. Thus, although the location has been determined by the process of transformation that the city is experiencing and the works of the Guagua Metro, the selection of the location underlines the condition of a popular festival and the most deeply rooted feeling of the carnival-goers.

La feria de Cochitos”, a Fun Fair with its large Ferris wheel, attractions, and stalls can be found in the area around the Plaza de La Luz.

• All events are with free entry unless otherwise stated *** Ticket event***

at 20:00 Announcing parade from Parque Santa Catalina to Belén María
The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will warm up its engines in the street before its official start. To do this, characters, representatives of the different carnival groups, and candidates for the throne will join the outgoing winners to announce the arrival of the festival in a parade that will start from the Santa Catalina park to the main venue located next to the Belén María roundabout.

at 21:30 Pregón, the proclamation
Main enclosure of Belén María.
“The Carnivals of the World” will start to the rhythm of the orchestras with a proclamation full of energy and emotion that will cover the origins of the groups in the carnivals and will pay posthumous tribute to one of the greats of the festivals: Miguel Jorge Moreno, also known as Miguel “el de Armonía”, founder and soul of Armonía Show who will step on stage together with El Combo Dominicano, La Mekánica by Tamarindos and Star Music.

at 20:30 Adult costume competition 
Main venue of Belén María. The adult costume contest will be the highlight of the first Friday of Carnival in which you can enjoy the creativity of the participants who will compete in the individual and group categories. Colour, brightness, and fun are guaranteed in an event that will feature 16 groups and 6 individual contestants.

at 22:00 Carnival Night
Main stage Belén María with Star Music, DJ Orchestra and Nickel

at 19:00 Children’s Throne
(it has been advanced half an hour to adapt it to the TVC schedule and broadcast it live) Main venue of Belén María

The Carnival quarry will be the main protagonist of Saturday afternoon thanks to one of the most tender galas of the carnivals. On this occasion, there will be a total of ten participants and one of them will be crowned at the end of the night as Children’s Queen or King of “The Carnivals of the World.” Excitement and emotion will be guaranteed in an evening that can be followed from home live on TVC and the channel’s website.

at 22:00 Carnival Night 
Main stage with Los Aseres, Ulises Acosta Dj. amd Dj. Ray López

at 11:00 Children¡s Murgas and Comparsas
Main venue of Belén María. The boys and girls will once again take the stage at the main venue of “Los Carnavales del Mundo” on Sunday morning when the members of the children’s murgas Biznietos de Kika, Legañositos, Biznietos de Sarymanchez, Los Chachitos and Los Trapasitos will meet as well as the components of the children’s troupes Lianceiros Junior and Brisa de Volcán. A magical and very special meeting in which the Carnival quarry will also be accompanied, starting at 13:30 by the Cantajuegos.

20:30 Drag pre-selection ***Ticket event***
Main venue of Belén María. Tickets if still available at and, as well as at the box office. Price: 10 euros.
The doors of the Carnival stage will open to receive some top candidates: the 23 drag performers who will compete on the platforms for their place at the Drag Queen Gala on February 16. Transgression, creativity, talent and humor will come together on the most irreverent night on the calendar. The Pre-selection will not be broadcast on television to preserve the surprise effect of the shows that advance to the final.


“It’s good to remember that an event of this scale will also mean road closures and parking prohibition during the celebrations. “


Valsequillo de Gran Canaria is celebrating this year the 51st “Ruta del Almendrero en Flor“, Almond Blossom Route Festival. The main days of festivities are Saturday & Sunday. 

One of the most traditional celebrations in the Canary Islands takes place throughout the rural municipality located in the northeastern mountains of Gran Canaria, about 20 20-minute drive up from Telde or a half-hour bus ride.  Just 1 hour from the southern beaches by car.

The beginning of the almond trees blossoming completely changes the landscape of Valsequillo creating a wonderful natural spectacle. To celebrate the beautiful picture of pink and white flowers in the municipality, since 1971, the Almond Tree Blossom Route is held every year at the end of January.

The climate is changing and rising temperatures and drought are also changing the landscape of islands like Gran Canaria. Despite this, like every year, although still timidly, Valsequillo begins to cover itself with that natural mantle of white and pink flowers that the Almendreros en Flor paints on its slopes. A spectacle that nature gives us and that the citizens of the municipality celebrate with a great Canarian festival.

In fact, it was the first pagan festival on the island of Gran Canaria and, for one weekend, it became a deeply rooted popular manifestation that was born from the citizens and has to do with that feeling of pride and belonging to this land. And it is that these are celebrations where there is no shortage of folklore, gastronomy, sports, and native games, crafts, zero kilometer products, etc., which will once again fill the streets of the Canarian town next weekend

SATURDAY 27 JANUARY: The Almond Blossom Festival in Tenteniguada, “Día de Turista” 

This well-attended event in the tiny traditional mountain village above Valsequillo offers plenty to do and see including a traditional street market and traditional artisans, folkloric performances and Canarian music, tastings of various typical Canarian dishes, and a range of indigenous games.


In Tenteniguada:
at 10:30 stalls will open
at 11:00 performances by music groups
at 13:00 tasting of potaje de berros, paella, garbanzada, and other typical dishes.

In La Barrera: 
at 10:00 market and popular barbeque opens at Parque Miguelto Calderín.

SUNDAY 28 JANUARY: Valsequillo Casco, Las Vegas, La Barrera, and in Tenteniguada.

On the main day of the festival, Valsequillo will show the best of Canarian culture with an artisan craft show and a livestock exhibition. In addition, once again this year, the Trilla exhibition will be held in the Las Vegas neighbourhood, while in the La Barrera neighbourhood you can visit the antique museum and the agricultural market, all accompanied by Canarian folklore and gastronomy.

A route that year after year exceeds the participation forecasts in which visitors will have the opportunity to discover an authentic Canarian festival that is financed by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria.


In Valsequillo centre:
at 10:00 Inauguration of the Artisan Craft market. ( The pedestrian area, Avenida Juan Carlos I and Calle Isla de Tenerife.)
at 10:00 music at Plaza Tifaritti
at 10:00 Music group will be touring around the centre and municipal market
at 11:00 Canarian folk music & dancing at Plaza de San Miguel
at 11:30 Animal exhibition at Plazoleta del Pilar
at 12:00 Around the municipal swimming pool: bull drag contest, Sheppards’ leap, Canarian wrestling and plow lifting
at 12:30 Show cooking in the pedestrian area

In Barrera: 
at 08:00 Farmers’ and Artisan Market opens at Parque Miguelito Calderín
During the morning music performances, and Antique museum visits to D. Benigno.
at 15:00 Raffle

in Las Vegas: (main street) 
at 12:00 tastings of typical food
at 14:00 Treshing exhibition on Paco Peñate terrain, in front of the social premises
at 16:00 roasted pig tastings

in Tenteniguada:
at 10:30 the stalls will open.
at 11:00 Music and dancing at Recinto Ferial (on the main street)
at 12:00 tasting of local products



The patron saint festivities of Candelaria and San Blas 2024 are celebrated between 25 January and 4 February in the centre of Villa de Ingenio. The main feast days are 2 & 3 February.

The program of events opened with the proclamation, on January 25, by Ms. Juana Sánchez Alcántara, which marked the beginning of celebrations that, like every year, include the pilgrimage offering, the Meeting of Repentistas “Versando con Ingenio”, Taifa Dance, the concert of the Symphonic Band of the Villa de Ingenio Musical Society, the Carretones Race or the La Candelaria Cross, in addition to the animal fair, craft market, children’s attractions, Zanga Tournament, among other activities.

This Saturday 27 January: Romería 

at 18:00 The Pilgrimage offering to the patron saint with 9 carts
Route: Calle Sebastiana Espino Sánchez, Calle Doctor David Ramírez, Calle Juan XXIII, and Calle Plaza de la Candelaria.
XXVII Baile de Taifa at Plaza de la Candelaria after the romería and music by Paco Guedes to follow.
On Sunday 28 January: 
11:00-14:00 Children’s animation at Plaza de la Candelaria with three bouncy castles, workshops, a finger puppet show, and Disney characters.


Gáldar celebrates, one more year, the Main Festivities in honour of San Sebastián 2024, celebrated for more than five centuries in the municipality with a program of events that will take place for more than two weeks in the neighbourhood and the city centre.
The main festivities between 19 January to 1 February,  popular, religious, and cultural events star in the program, which has its most traditional events this weekend with the Raising of the Flag, the Pedro de Argüello Tertulia, the procession, and the Water Prayer.

The main festivities for San Sebastián de la Real Ciudad de Gáldar. A festival full of cultural activities to mark the important cultural heritage of Gáldar, celebrated for more than five centuries in the municipality. A tradition that was born in Gáldar in the 16th century with the Hermitage of San Sebastián (BIC*) and its patron at the venue of one of the oldest festivals celebrated in the ancient pre-hispanic capital city.

(*BIC festivities declared of Cultural interest) “Every year in January, the City of Gáldar celebrates festivities in honor of San Sebastián. Its historic hermitage and the entire neighbourhood are decorated to host the main events of this celebration with great tradition in the municipality. 


Friday 26 January: 
at 19:00 Eucharist in the hermitage of San Sebastián, followed by a religious procession with the image of Saint Mártir. Route: Capitán Carrascoas -> Sanco de Vargas -> Antón Cerezo and Plaza de San Sebastián.
at 20:00 Folkloric Festival Agáldar in the Cultural Centre Guaires

Saturday 27 January: 
11:00-13:00 & 18:00-20:00 Street parades of different traditional music groups on Calle Capitán Quesada and Plaza de Santiago (part of the ‘Festival folclórico Agáldar’)


The Costa Mogán Carnival 2024, which is scheduled to be held in Arguineguín from February 22 to 25, will not be the only carnival in the municipality. The neigbourhood carnival once again tours the municipality between January 27 and February 16.

This weekend:

🎭 PLAYA DE MOGÁN, Plaza Doctor Pedro Betancor León
Saturday 27 January 
at 20:00 Carnival Parade with the Batucada Caribe, Comparsa Aragüimé, and masks. Departure from Avenida Los Marrero.
at 22:00 Baile de mascaritas with Grupo Arena and DJ Cholo + Group and individual costume contest (prizes: lunch/dinner at Acaymo Restaurant).

Sunday, 28 January
at 17:00 Costume catwalk, children’s entertainment, carnival workshops, carnival tortillas, and chocolate. Family costume contest. (Prize: tickets to the Angry Birds Activity Park).
at 19:30 Carnival gala with Mogán Artistic Schools; W.E.S Academy

Saturday 27 January 
at 18:30 Costume catwalk, children’s entertainment, carnival workshops, carnival tortillas, and chocolate. Family costume contest. (Prize: tickets to the Angry Birds Activity Park).

🎭 BARRANQUILLO ANDRÉS, Plaza de Álamo and Mejías
Saturday 27 January 
at 18:30 Costume catwalk, children’s entertainment, carnival workshops, carnival tortillas, and chocolate. Family costume contest. (Prize: tickets to the Angry Birds Activity Park).
at 22:00 Baile de mascaritas with the music group La Clave Latina and D Music.



• Friday is always market day in Playa de Mogán in the morning. This popular market is in one of the prettiest fishing harbour towns on Gran Canaria, very popular with tourists.

• On Saturday, the Maspalomas market offers all kinds of textiles, Objet dart and other articles, located now in a new venue at Parque Europeo in Playa del Inglés, while the municipal market is being re-built. It is one of the markets most enjoyed among visitors along with Friday’s in Playa de Mogán;
El Mercadillo de Maspalomas is on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08:00-14:00.

• On Saturday in Arguineguín, a small second-hand market on Plaza Negra (the marketplace) in the morning 09:00-14:00 with a wide range pre-loved treasures.

• On Sunday, the “rastro” second-hand market, ****The second-hand market now takes place in the Ciudad deportiva de Maspalomas, next to football field 2 and close to Pepe Chiringo and Parque Sur de Maspalomas.

On Sunday, the biweekly Farmers and Handicraft Fair of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is on again. This tiny little market is held in the urban park between the main road and the entry to Angry Birds Activity Park from 08:30 -14:30.

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