Viewpoints in Gran Canaria

Numerous viewpoints provide fascinating views on the coastal region and the impressive landscape of the island Gran Canaria. A mirador is what the Spanish call a viewpoint or vantage point. One could argue that Gran Canaria itself is one giant mirador. GC locals, for example, love to tease Tenerife natives about how they enjoy more impressive vistas of that island’s Teide than their neighbours.

Mirador del Balcon
An improbable balcony that hangs out over the edge of the lava cliffs at Anden Verde in west Gran Canaria; the Mirador del Balcón viewpoint is a highlight of the island’s most spectacular road.


Mirador del Balcon

Pico de las Nieves
The high point of Gran Canaria with a vast view of the centre and southern valleys. This is a great spot at sunset and just after sunrise (the sun takes a while to get over the hump of the island) but worth visiting at any time.


Pico de las Nieves (1951m)


Gran Canaria highest village has fantastic views south into the Caldera de Tejeda and towards the Roques. Once you get through the stone tunnel you see the whole Caldera from within a cave right on the cliff edge.